Paso Flores, Argentina

Mission Centre in Paso Flores – Argentina

A Christian group has been using a site in Paso Flores in Rio Negro, Argentina since 1950. At the end of the 1980s, the group came into contact with Brunstad Christian Church and these Christians continued together. Over the years the place has grown into a place where regional meetings are also held for Christians in South America and the need arose to make the obsolete facilities suitable to receive larger groups of Christians for several days.

The project

In August 2010, the construction of a new conference hall was started, which will accommodate 300 people. An international team of fellow believers supported the construction project because insufficient local expertise was available for such a large project. Together with local volunteers, the team of about 20 people worked for a year and a half to realise the mission centre. The WEW Foundation provided financial support for the project. The centre was opened in March 2012.

Mission centre for South America

Today, Christians from southern Argentina, Chile, Peru and southern Brazil meet several times a year in Paso Flores to profess their faith. Meetings are also regularly held there by nearby Christian churches.

Humanitarian aid

During the construction project, Paso Flores was hit by a major eruption of the Chilean volcano Puyehue in June 2011. This had dramatic consequences for the local economy. Tourists stayed away and livestock had to be slaughtered or sold because there was not enough grassland. The WEW Foundation has provided financial support to the local population.

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