Ternopil, Ukraine

Mission Centre Ternopil, Ukraine

The mission centre just outside Ternopil is the place where Christians in Ukraine hold joint services. International services are also held in this mission centre, where Christians from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine profess their faith together. The conference hall can accommodate a thousand participants. In addition to the Christian services, mutual edification (informal exchange) and Christian child and youth work are important aspects of the multi-day conferences. The mission centre offers the necessary facilities.


For a long time, it was difficult for Christians in the former Soviet Union to profess their faith openly. Christian persecution and even torture occurred. Since the 1990s Brunstad Christian Church has been active in missionary work in Ukraine. Over time, churches have emerged in this region and the number of Christians who profess their faith has grown. In Ukraine, where the distances between the churches are large, there was a growing need for a place where Christians from the different churches could be together for several days to build up their Christian faith.

The project

In 2006, Christians from the church in Ternopil, assisted by volunteers from home and abroad, started the construction of the mission centre. In addition to a meeting hall, facilities were also created for Christian child and youth work. The WEW Foundation provided financial support for the project. In 2008, the centre was opened during the first Christian conference.

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Ternopil, Ukraine

Mission Centre Ternopil, Ukraine The mission centre just outside Ternopil…
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